Get a
 Dynamic Core

While Playing Games
on Your Smartphone

Works with any size smartphone.


Money well spent!

What can I say... This is one of the most surprising products I have purchased, I didn't want to love it but ABSOULTELY do. We are a pretty busy family with crazy work schedules so we find it hard to make time to workout or get to the gym. Stealth has changed that for us! My wife and teenagers can now sneak a quick workout in during the day when they have a 3 mins to spare. You won't believe you can get anything done in just 3 mins but this thing can humble even the fittest guy leaving your abs feeling it for days. You get your heart pumping, muscles contracting, and brain working as you play the game. The game aspect and points accumulation makes for some great family competitions while taking your mind off the fact you are actually working out. I like how Stealth is easily modified for different fitness levels, it really works for everyone. Most times I feel like products look better in ads then what you really recieve Stealth was the exact opposite what I got exceeded my expectations in quality and comfort of the padding. I look forward to the new games and competitions to come. I can honestly say this was money well spent!


You'll use it every day!

This Stealth trainer is great. I never really did planks before but now I am doing them every day. I started at 3 minutes and now just set a new record of 12:40! I'm going to buy a couple for my swim teams to use as punishment for when they forget swimsuits.


Best Core Workout Ever!!

Simply because of the distraction factor the stealth core trainer is awesome!! I am someone who focuses too much on the time when performing planks this board is beyond entertaining.


Awesome Way to Work the Core

Before I found this device, I would get through 20, maybe 30 seconds of a plank position. I would be thinking of nothing but the pain that would start coming into my mind - whether it was real or just me giving up.

The STEALTH trainer is sturdy (we purchased the personal one) and works amazingly well. While maybe not a big deal to most, I was able to in my first month reach over one and a half hour of plank time by playing the games on their app. The app keeps you (for the most part, read on to see the negative) focused on the game and not on the feelings in your core. But you definitely do feel things in your core and you just know that it is working. Did 30 days turn me into Mr. America? No way! But I feel "firmer" and I feel as though my posture has improved.

To the one suggestion that I have offered the company. The timer is a distraction and sometimes leads me to stop if I am nearing a prior record. Sure, I can use better self-discipline and try harder NOT to look at the timer. But I think this device would be even more awesome if they were to allow the timer to be hidden during game play.

Again, this is an awesome workout device that I without a doubt recommend. You may wonder how it can be worth the cost, but I look at the investment as more than this "simple" equipment. No other equipment would have done for me what the STEALTH Core Gamer has done for me.


Nothing better on the market geared towards core!

This has been a family competition game changer! I have to say I wasn’t sure after my first use of Stealth I would be able to compete against my kids and grandkids especially after only being able to make :45secs. I have been a plank advocate for years but Stealth made it a multi directional moving plank that hit every square inch of my core front to back side to side. I’m happy to say at 75 not only have I beat most of my kids and grandkids I have surpassed my goal of 4 mins. I can’t recommend Stealth enough, you just won’t believe the workout until you try it. I’ve been in Athletics on a college campus my entire career and have never seen anything quite as engaging as Stealth.. worth every penny! Can’t wait for the future games and challenges!


This is a fine piece of exercise equipment

This is a fine piece of exercise equipment, made well and fun to use. Takes the boredom out of planks, I use it everyday seeing results. Nothing bad to say about it at all.


Fun, easy to use and very effective.

Fun, easy to use and very effective. I downloaded more games from GooglePlay (search Accelerometer Games) for more variety. Definitely worth buying!



I stopped buying workout equipment like this decades ago because it was usually a waste of money. Gut busters, ab circles, thigh masters, and the like turned out to be gimmicky and ended up making the staged migration from family room to closet to basement to trash. I reverted to the Shaun-T maxim that my body is my equipment. But I read some great reviews of this Stealth Core Trainer, and finally broke down and bought it. And it's every bit as good as the reviews said. It makes doing long dynamic planks really fun. I'm getting in way more exercise, and it's really fun. Also, the device encourages good form, so I'm getting in training not straining. The only downside is that it's pretty expensive. Maybe the price will come down, but I'm glad I didn't wait since I'm getting a lot of use out of it every day. Great product.

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