Stealth Core Trainer, Best Fitness Tech - Mashable Review

Posted on by Howard Panes

Stealth Core Trainer, Best Fitness Tech - Mashable Review

Best Fitness Tech for New Year's Resolution

Stealth is focused on just one area of the body: the core. The system takes one of the most basic training exercises, the plank, and turns it into a full-on gaming experience. 

The training platform is designed to turn the user's body into a joystick of sorts, with a rotational design for a full range of motion from the plank position. A slot houses a smartphone running the accompanying app, which uses the phone's built-in motion sensor to play an assortment of games designed to work up a sweat.

Right now, Stealth is raising funds on IndieGoGo for a launch in the middle of this year. It's an interesting concept that someone on a year-long fitness kick might want to add to their training repertoire. Playing video games for a six-pack is definitely one of the most attractive training plans out there.

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