Stealth Speed Gliding - TRY IT NOW!

Posted on by Howard Panes

Stealth Speed Gliding - TRY IT NOW!


It's official! We have released the STEALTH Adventure Fitness Gaming App called “Stealth Speed Gliding.”  All you need is a STEALTH CORE TRAINER and your Smartphone and you can be jumping off a cliff and flying through the sky in just a few minutes!

Soar through a virtual outdoor environment with trees, rocks, birds and some amazing floating and flying objects that you will need to collect to score points.  Beware of the flying birds, the Big Turkey, and the hot air balloons as they will slow you down and cost you points.

Stealth's Gameplay Technology engages the same core muscles you would use if you were actually hang gliding.  It's a fun virtual outdoor gaming experience that you will look forward to each and every day.

Download now for IOS and Andriod!


Stealth Speed Glider only works with Stealth Core Trainer. Try Stealth Core Trainer here.

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