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"Anyone who's ever told you playing games on your phone was a waste of time has never tried this fitness gear. The Stealth Core Trainer forces you to hold a plank on a balance board-like piece of equipment. Add your phone and a free app to the mix, and it becomes an interactive fitness game that makes you sweat bullets, torches your entire core, and leaves your arms feeling like jelly."

"The Stealth Core Trainer is so addictive, you'll actually look forward to your ab workout."

"Use the Stealth ball-and-joint platform to work through a grueling planking routine that uses your core as the joystick while playing responsive mobile games."

"Make getting a six-pack more enjoyable with this gadget, which turns exercising into a fun game."

"You tilt the board left, right, and forward as you play, firing up tiny stabilizing muscles and, hopefully, forgetting just how long you're holding that plank"

"This video game abs workout makes planking way more fun. The movement targets a total of 29 different muscles, including your abs, obliques, and lower back by twisting, turning, and rotating 360 degrees."

J.R Zuniga Testimonial - Steath Plank
I thought Stealth was only for young people, but I'm 51 & I love it.

- J.R. Zuniga (51 years old)

Lost 30 Pounds

and 19 Inches

Gee Rabe Testimonial - Steath Plank
I can't believe Stealth helped me lose so much weight!

- Gee Rabe (52 years old)

Lost 14 Pounds

and 15 Inches

Gee Rabe Testimonial - Steath Plank
No one likes to workout, but Stealth makes it fun and enjoyable.

- Larry Thigpen (54 years old)

Lost 15 Pounds

and 14 Inches

J.R Zuniga Testimonial - Steath Plank
I love Stealth because it doesn't take a lot of time.

Lost 16 Pounds

and 21 Inches

Show Me Today's Special Offer

Show Me Today's Special Offer