Our Story

With a combined 50+ years in the fitness industry as club owners and product developers, co-founders Howie Panes and Don Brown had another BIG IDEA. “How can we make the Plank Exercise less boring, even more effective and fun to do?”

That simple question took over a year to solve and today thousands of people are “gaming their core” like never before with the solution that Howie and Don created - STEALTH.

They started with the mostly widely used tech gadget in the world -- your Smartphone -- and combined it with an innovative multi-angle planking platform that was super comfy and perfectly balanced.

STEALTH is the world’s first interactive core trainer with Gameplay Technology, which means that you are cleverly led through a dynamic core workout while playing a game of capturing targets and scoring points. The result is a more challenging core workout than the static plank, while your attention is focused on gameplay.

STEALTH is on a mission to help millions of people sneak in quick effective core workouts in less than 3 minutes a day with the hope that they too will feel the boost of energy that will lead to a healthier, more active life.


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