Share Your Stealth Story for a FREE Plank4Life T-shirt


Get Your FREE Plank4Life T-Shirt and a Chance to WIN a $50.00 AMAZON GIFT CARD

Just follow the steps below to get your FREE Plank4Life T-shirt and a chance to win a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card.

Using the camera on your phone, please record 2 short horizontal videos


Video 1:

TELL YOUR STORY: For example - “Hi, my name is _____from (State). I ordered my Stealth Core Trainer __ months ago because it looked like a fun way to workout my core. It is so much fun, and what a great workout. My back, abs etc.....feel amazing.”  Just be yourself and share your STEALTH STORY.


Video 2:

YOU --- ON YOUR STEALTH: Have someone record a 30+ second video of you using your Stealth Core Trainer while playing the game. Capture a wide side view and a closeup over the shoulder using the game.

After you record your videos here's what you need to do next...

Step 1:

Email us your videos (MP4 or .Mov) and upload them on your Youtube or Facebook accounts.

Step 2:

Send your videos and any links to your social media to

Step 3:

Below is an example of a professionally produced Stealth Story- We DO NOT expect your videos to look like this. No fancy video or editing needed.  Just awesome raw video.

Stealth Story