Never do situps, crunches or boring planks again. Supercharge your core workouts in 3 minutes a day.


Making the Plank Exercise Fun

The challenge of improving the plank exercise and making it fun was no easy task. It took 12 months to design a perfectly balanced platform that would move at every angle in 360 degrees.

This turned the static plank exercise into a dynamic workout making it possible to isolate over 29 core muscles in less than 3 minutes.

In order to make the dynamic plank fun we created the STEALTH CORE CHALLENGE Gaming app. Adding Gameplay technology distracts the user by gamifying the experience in a fun progressive motivating way. You actually push yourself harder trying to score more points and in reality you get a better core workout.


Say goodbye to cracked elbows and sore arms. The Bio-foam energy absorbing pad provides the perfect cushion for your arms so you can focus on your core.

Order Your Stealth

Smartphone Cradle

Any size smartphones will fit securely both horizontal and vertical in the tapered phone cradle

Solid Support Base

Non-slip Nylon base.

Ultra Comfort Arm Pad

Bio-Foam causes a rebound effect that cushions your forearms and elbows.

Dynamic Planking Platform

Tilt and twist at any angle and move a full 360 degrees for the ultimate core workout.